What: 13th Annual California Sculptors Symposium

When: April 26th - May 3th 2015

Where: Camp Ocean Pines --- We are fortunate to have this charming site along the   central coast of California for our annual symposium. Our collaborative   partnership with the camp staff enables us to provide an outstanding program.   For more information, go to www.campoceanpines.org

Registration: To take optimal advantage of our program we   encourage you to attend the entire      symposium and to stay at the camp. We have   room for only 80 bunkhouse guests, so register early.

Payments: Online registration at http://www.campoceanpines.org. Initial   $200 deposit is required with registration and full payment is due by March 27th.   $50 cancellation fee, but no refunds after March 27th.       Plan A - $840 Full   Tuition: Includes all symposium workshops, meals and lodging for seven   nights.       Plan B - $740 Off-site Lodging: Includes all symposium activities,   lunches and dinners.       Plan C - $210 Per Day Rate: Includes all symposium   activities, 3 meals, and 1 nights lodging.       Plan D - $475 Student Rate   (full-time student, 9 unit or more). Same benefit as Plan A

Registrations before March 1st, $25 discount for Plans   A&B Make check (full payment required by March 27th) payable   to: Camp Ocean Pines, 1473 Randall Dr., Cambria, CA 93428       Upon registration,   you will be sent an information letter with details that will help you prepare   for the symposium.Call Rosemay Cameron at Camp Ocean Pines at 805-927-0254 for   more information. http://www.campoceanpines.org

Map: Directions to   Camp Ocean Pines